BioXcel Therapeutics Featured in InvestorPlace Media Article"7 Best Stocks to Buy to Upgrade Your AI Portfolio"

Invariably, any list of best stocks to buy in artificial intelligence will feature a healthy dose of tech firms. That said, AI isn't limited to computer-centric endeavors. The same advancements in big data and predictive analytics can be incorporated to address the human condition. This is where BioXcel Therapeutics (NASDAQ:BTAI) comes into the picture.

BTAI is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical firm that specializes in immuno-oncology and therapies towards neurodegenerative diseases. What makes BioXcel stand out is their integration of artificial intelligence into their pharmaceutical pursuits. With their AI platform's big data capabilities, they can analyze promising or discontinued drugs that didn't quite meet expectations.

The idea here is to see if an adjustment to the drug's chemistry, or even the dosage, can spark progress in challenging cases. This process also potentially gives new life to older or less-appreciated therapies.

However, investors must watch out for market volatility. Similar to many other clinical-stage pharma companies, BioXcel doesn't have the greatest financials. To put it bluntly, BTAI is an all-or-nothing affair. But if you have the steel fortitude to handle the risks, this company has tremendous upside potential.

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