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Budget Impact Models​
These budget impact models are tools that input an institution’s particular data for use in the indicated population. Customers should not solely rely on any of the figures for calculation of actual medical costs. Nothing presented is intended nor should it be construed, as a guarantee or promise of any payment or cost. It is also not intended to suggest or guarantee coverage or reimbursement for any product or service. BioXcel Therapeutics makes no representation, promise, or guarantee regarding any such data, information, or calculations. Nothing herein is intended to promote the purchase or use of any product or services provided by BioXcel Therapeutics.
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The information provided on this site is intended for use by healthcare professionals practicing in the US. The dissemination of this information may be subject to different medical and regulatory requirements in other countries. This web site is intended to help healthcare professionals practicing in the US find scientifically balanced, evidence-based information about Bioxcel Therapeutics drugs, submit a question, ask for field medical follow-up, and explore links to professional and patient support resources.